#Writingprompt Writers’ BLOCKbusters… yogurt

On a day when the words are refusing to be friendly, try an exercise using something everyday around you. This writing prompt from Writers’ BLOCKbusters uses a pot of yogurt.

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Go to your fridge and find a pot of yogurt: any yogurt, any flavour, bits or no bits.
If you haven’t got yogurt, anything creamy will do: cream, hummus, cream cheese, fromage frais or guacamole will all work just as well.
Stick your [clean] fingers into the yogurt and close your eyes.
Consider the sensations, remember your first reaction.
Write down that reaction and use it as the opening sentence for a piece of free writing. Just go with the flow and write what occurs to you: single words, phrases, full sentences.
This writing could be used to build a new character who has a thing about yogurt – a love, or a hatred. A character without a sense of taste. Someone tasting yogurt for the first time.
© ‘Writers’ BLOCKbusters’ by Sandra Danby

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