Why Rose Haldane lives in Southfields

It’s simple really, when Rose first came into being as that writing exercise, I lived in Wimbledon and my nearest tube station was Southfields. So that’s where Rose lived too. SouthfieldsI would walk down the hill towards Wimbledon Park, then along Wimbledon Park Road to choose a coffee shop to write in for the afternoon. Sometimes I sat in Southfields Library, sometimes on a bench in the park. So Rose’s surroundings were very real to me. That’s where the first chapters became Finding Rose, which finally evolved into Ignoring Gravity.

I imagined Rose living in a flat, upstairs, in a house like this. SouthfieldsThis is her library, where she borrows the books for her ‘adoption fest’ weekend. SouthfieldsWimbledon Park Road, with the Lawn Tennis Club in one direction and the tube station in the other, is a quiet offshoot of Wimbledon which comes to life in June every year when the whole area is festooned with parking cones and blue and purple bunting. This is the context in which Rose lives, when she discovers at the age of 35 that she is adopted.


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