Why I started blogging… with thanks to Pineapple Express

Christmas 2012. I googled myself one day, as you do. It was some time since I’d done this, the last search had yielded results including freelance articles written for magazines ranging from The Bookseller to Furniture News, Allergy magazine to What Mortgage? This time: nothing. Well, not quite nothing. I have a very unusual surname which means there aren’t many people out there called Sandra Danby for me to be mistaken for. Except one entry was repeated. Click here to see it. Sandra Danby is a character in a movie called Pineapple Express. Pineapple ExpressOnce I’d got over the shock that my name was deemed glamorous enough to be a character in a film, I started to get worried. Exactly what sort of film was it? Something about the title suggested it might be a little saucy. Actually it isn’t, it’s an action/comedy/crime movie about a process server and his marijuana dealer who go on the run after he witnesses his dealer’s boss murder a competitor. The film stars James Franco and Seth Rogen, so it can’t all be bad. My part is played by actress Jeanetta Arnette [below], it’s a small part, basically she just has some papers served on her and that’s it. A bit of an anti-climax.

Pineapple Express

[photo: photo imdb.com]

But it was not what wanted I wanted literary agents and book publishers to find when they googled author Sandra Danby. So that’s when Plan Blog started to form. Now, 14 months after starting this blog, my Google search has changed. Of the first 10 search results, nine are about me. The first one is for this blog, the others for my pages at Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Ether Books, Google+, Goodreads and Amazon. The other is for Pineapple Express… so I’m getting there!

To watch the trailer for Pineapple Express [the bit without me in it], click here.

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  1. hahaha that’s a pretty funny story! For the record, I think “Pineapple Express” is a hilarious movie, so I’d be thrilled to have a character with my name in it! Luckily I have a unique first name, so I pop up in Google search without really trying 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog – I’m finding lots of things to discover here!

  2. A good and timely reminder on why all writers should be active bloggers. Great post.
    (There are a surprising number of Ruth Livingstone’s in the world! But my Google search has me on top – yippee. Although, I think Google might personalise your search results, making it likely your own links feature more prominently.)

  3. High visibility is really important for writers. As I googled myself, most of the stuff was about me. If found myself mentioned on your blog, Sandra. I did not have the honour of being featured (name-wise) in a film, so far.

  4. Funny!I just googled myself which I would honestly not have thought to do, my twitter account comes out top but no sign of my blog at all! Ah, just tried without my last name and there is my blog. 🙂 ooh, and on ‘images’, some of my drawings! Now this is going to become a habit I can see…..:-)

  5. Unfortunately my name is Tom Ford, so I have no chance of getting to the top of Google because of Tom Ford the famous fashion designer! Oh well!