Who is Rose Haldane?


As a child, when she grew up what did she want to be: an air stewardess, until someone pointed out that it was just being a ‘glorified waitress’.

‘Could do better’ at: being more assertive at work, such as asking for a pay rise.

Wishes she‘d never:  bungee jumped off a crane, tied to the mayor of Littlethorpe, to publicise Public Safety in Kent Week. She had to wear a neck collar for a week… oh the joys of writing for a local newspaper.

Cat person or dog person: definitely cats. Dogs are too dependant. Dogs need walking twice a day, Brad just comes in and out of his own cat flap.

Best exam result: Geography. She can be absorbed just leafing though an atlas.

Ice cream or yogurt: Yogurt. Ice cream makes her teeth hurt. Dislikes cold drinks straight from the fridge, for the same reason.

A swot at school, or sporty: Swot, always did her homework, to be found in the library at lunchtime on a sunny day.

Unusual physical feature: Her left big toe is slightly smaller than next toe.

First boyfriend: Alan, when she was eight they held hands. He was the first boy to kiss her.

Tube or taxi: Tube. Can’t afford taxis.

Ignoring Gravity is the first book in the ‘Rose Haldane: Identity Detective’ series.

In the second, Connectedness, controversial artist Justine Tree hires Rose Haldane to identify the baby daughter she gave away when she was a penniless art student. The search takes Rose from Yorkshire to Spain and London, as she tries to unravel the truths and untruths of Justine’s past, separating art from real life, true memory from dreams. Connectedness will be published on May 10, 2018.

Sandra Danby is now working on the third book in the series, Sweet Joy. During World War Two, a house in Twickenham is bombed. Amongst the wreckage is found a baby, unharmed. Over seventy years later, Rose Haldane moves to Twickenham and has the uncomfortable feeling she is being watched.