What a great idea: audio book tasters

I’ve just discovered the ‘Listen Inside’ podcast by Readers in the Know, tasters of books which I can download and listen to while I’m on the train. A great way of trying a new author or new genre. Read by RITK’s Simon Denham, they are curiously hypnotic. He has a great reading voice. I think my ‘to-read’ shelf is going to fill up again, after making a concerted effort to get it under control. ritk_logo-2Read more about the podcasts from Readers in the Know here. Or subscribe in iTunes, you’ll find it in Podcasts under the ‘New & Noteworthy’ listing.

Readers in the Know is a great way of finding new books, searchable not just by genre but by format. Ideal if, for example, if you only love audio books. Once you’ve created a wishlist, it also highlights the books which are on promotion or free with links to buy.