Want to read Ignoring Gravity but don’t own a Kindle?

Don’t have a Kindle but want to read Ignoring Gravity as an ebook? No problem, just download the free app for computer, tablet [iPad and Android] or mobile. Never read an e-book, not sure if it’s for you? I read both paperbooks and e-books, my simple rule is if it is a book by a favourite author, one I know I will want to re-read and cherish in the future, I buy the paper version. If it’s an author new to me, a genre I’m unfamiliar with, or a book bought simply for ‘easy reading’, I buy the e-book.KindleThe advantages of e-books are:-
E-books are cheaper to buy and don’t waste paper.
Turn the page by tapping the screen.
Change the typesize to suit your eyesight.
Easy-to-read screen in direct sunlight, excellent for summer holiday reading.
Read in bed at night with Kindle’s low-level light which doesn’t disturb your other half.
Take as many books as you want on holiday, on your Kindle – no worries about luggage allowance.
Open your Kindle at exactly the place you stopped reading.
Buy your Kindle book at Amazon, turn your Kindle to the wi-fi setting and the book magically appears in an instant.
All your e-books are archived in your own Kindle Library at Amazon.
Use the chapter index to click straight to a particular place in the book.
Search the book for keywords.
The cheap 99p deals which enable you to discover new authors and explore new genres.

The disadvantages of e-books:-
Remembering to re-charge – there’s nothing more annoying than reaching a gripping bit of the book then getting the ‘low battery’ warning.
You can’t share them around your friends.
Not owning the physical book. As Joanna Trollope said, e-books are really like borrowing a book rather than owning it.

Want to know more about the Kindle app? Click here for more information or to download the free app for your computer, iPad, tablet or phone.

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‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press] Buy now

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