The tree that Rose and Wanda climbed

At the age of five, Rose liked climbing trees. Specifically, the tree outside Grandma Bizzie’s house. One day, she discovered a way to get two pieces of home-made lemon cake: invent an invisible friend. Wanda. Here’s an excerpt from Ignoring Gravity. trees“Given the choice, Rose would have lived at Grandma Bizzie’s house. She loved the sycamore, its five-pronged leaves which looked like a green giant’s fingers, the delicate yellow-green flowers that dangled like earrings in the spring and the winged seeds which fluttered in spirals to the ground in the autumn. One day she was sitting on the first branch, wishing Lily liked climbing trees, when Bizzie brought out a glass of squash and a piece of homemade lemon cake with runny icing on top. trees“Rose patted the air next to her. ‘Never mind, it’ll stop bleeding soon.’ Her friend Wanda, she told Gran solemnly, had slipped down three branches and had a long scratch on her leg.”

This is the tree which inspired the climbing scene, except it is on Wimbledon Common not in a street in Richmond where Rose’s fictional grandmother lives. It has a wide branch with space for two small girls to sit. treesIt was easy to climb for an adventurous child, just like Rose. Or me.

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