The A-Z way to find new authors to read

If, like me, you are always eager to find new authors and new books to read, check out the A-Z Challenge by book blogger Rosie Amber. Running each day throughout April at Rosie’s blog, each letter applies to a character from a novel. Rose HaldaneToday is ‘H’. Click here to see what Rosie says about Rose Haldane [above] from Ignoring Gravity.

Looking down Rosie’s A-Z list there are some familiar names for me:-

Terry Tyler’s Last Child. Published on February 20, 2015, I’ve just downloaded the e-book from Amazon. A sequel to Tyler’s popular Kings and Queens, click here for my review, it continues the story of the Lanchester family. Last Child features on Rosie’s list tomorrow: ‘I’ for Isabella Lanchester.

last child by terry tyler 9-4-15The other book on the list which stands out for me is familiar, another for my ‘To Re-read’ list. I haven’t read anything by Mary Stewart since I was a teenager. On Friday April 24th, Rosie will feature Uther Pendragon from The Crystal Cave as ‘U’ on her A-Z list. Fifth century Britain, this is the story Merlin’s journey to discover his real parentage as his powers develop and he begins to appreciate the role he has to play. Written in 1970, it is the first of five novels in the Merlin series. My mother introduced me to Stewart and as a teenager I remember the thrill of reading her ‘grown-up’ novels such as This Dark Magic, The Moonspinners and My Brother Michael.

the crystal cave by mary stewart 9-4-15And I am never one to refuse the chance to find a new crime writer, so I will be reading EL Lindley’s Business as Usual, the first of The Georgie Connolly Stories.

business as usual by EL Lindley 9-4-15Georgie, a former teacher and now documentary film maker, has a bad temper which gets her into trouble.  She sounds an intriguing character, a bit different from your usual police detective. To read why Rosie Amber chose James Finn, one of the characters in Business as Usual, for the letter ‘F’ of her A-Z Challenge, click here.