Thanks… the Dragon’s Loyalty Award

This award is a little different from those which are awarded by fellow bloggers for the editorial content. Instead, this award is nominated by bloggers to their loyal readers, as a thank you for their support throughout the year. dragons-loyalty-award logo 31-12-13And I have to thank Steve at Gardening in Greenwood for this nomination. I can’t remember how I found my way to Steve’s blog, but I love the way he shows the progress of his garden projects, from nothing to completion, if completion ever exists in gardening terms. I think the post that sticks most in my memory is the one about the plants that have died, and which he misses.

So, thanks to Steve. Now, a brief mention of The Rules for this award, which are:-

  1. Thank the person who offered it to you and link to their site.
  2. Display the award on your site and write a post about it.
  3. Present 15 or so other bloggers with the award and let them know about it.
  4. Write 7 things about yourself.
  5. List the Rules.

Accordingly, I nominate these 15 bloggers, loyal readers of my blog, who have given me the encouragement to continue writing from the early days when I was averaging one like per day!

Gianfranco Grande who probably didn’t realize it but he was my very first follower back in February 2013 when I started blogging. Thanks for the trust;

Paula at Find a Girl Who Reads, I love her weekly posts about books. It’s nice to find someone whose taste in books is as eclectic as mine: from Virginia Woolf to Agatha Christie via Haruki Murakami;

Julian Froment for his book reviews which introduce me to authors I didn’t know;

Oliver Tearle at Interesting Literature for his Surprising Facts and Anecdotes about Dickens, Poet, Wilde, and Sherlock Holmes and loads more;

Steven Fox at Sfoxwriting for his always interesting blend of poetry and music… with Christmas songs from The Darkness, Mariah Carey, Wham…;

Cleopatra at Cleopatra Loves Books. Thanks for the support throughout 2013;

Damyanti at The Daily Write who has an amazing 10,873 followers;

Julie Stock who has embarked on the exiting journey of writing her first novel. Let 2014 be the year it is finished!;

Mercilo Daviss who posts a story each day, 250 words a day. Go for it Mercilo!;

Angélique Jamail at Sappho’s Torque, Poet, writer, artist, teacher, resident of Houston, USA. One of my fellow contributors to The Milk of Female Kindness: an Anthology of Honest Motherhood. Click here to buy from Amazon. the milk of female kindness - cover 13-12-13

Writer and illustrator Millie Ho, I love her pencil drawings;

Fellow writer-in-progress Edward at Fiction Fanatic and Romance. Keep writing, keep communicating!;

Rough Seas in the Med, fellow Yorkshire-woman in Spain [well okay, Gibraltar];

Shannon A Thompson who through the course of her writing day drinks as much coffee as I drink tea;

Madame Bibilophile Recommends who writes book recommendations, rather than reviews. By theme. From Albert Camus to Roddy Doyle, Mark Gatiss to Stella Duffy.

Okay, that’s my chosen 15. Please visit their blogs, and pass on the love!

And finally… seven things about me that you don’t know:-

I hate pink in all its forms, if I see a book with a pink cover I will avoid it;

I love Malaga [below], birthplace of Pablo Picasso, who inspired the artist character in my second novel Connectedness. And gives me an excuse for lots of trips to Malaga!; Malaga - from the alcazaba 26-10-10I drink about eight mugs of Yorkshire Tea a day, skimmed milk, no sugar, definitely a mug not a cup;

I love Spain where we live part of the year… check out my blog Notes on a Spanish Valley about our life in Andalucía [below]; looking towards almargen 12-8-13Our back garden in the UK is dominated by an enormous cedar tree, home to grey squirrels which rob the squirrel-proof bird feeders. How do they do that?;

The protagonist of my first novel, Rose Haldane, is a journalist, like me. Start reading Ignoring Gravity from the beginning by clicking here;

My favourite place? Bempton Cliffs in East Yorkshire [below], watching the seabirds fly out over the North Sea. Wild, windy, often grey, always beautiful. cliffs at New Roll-Up6 - Bempton Cliffs 29-10-13


  1. Hi Sandra, thank you so very much.

    I am in Spain too though. hence the blog subtitle about ‘life in gib and spain’. When I’m not here, I’m there, and vice versa.

    Don’t like pink either. Do like Málaga. Not keen on Yorkshire tea at all. Prefer Darjeeling, Assam, or Breakfast Tea.

    I love Spain, obviously after 12 years here.

    And Bempton, who could not love it? Or anywhere in the East Riding. But you knew I would say that.

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination, Sandra! I’m glad to have connected with you through the anthology. I’ll be posting my own Dragon Awards next week when I’m back from holiday. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the nomination Sandra! Its very easy to be a loyal reader of your blog as your posts are so interesting. Happy New Year – I look forward to reading many more of your posts throughout 2014!

  4. WOW! Beautiful photos and facts. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the nomination. I shared your blogs on my websites, and I hope you have a fantastic New Year.