Thank you x 4

I’ve never been nominated for four awards at one time, so this is a first.  Thanks to Michelle Clements James at Book Chat for thinking of me. I enjoy reading Michelle’s reviews because she is always positive, and says she rarely comments on a book she doesn’t like.

The four awards I have been nominated for are:- versatile-blogger-award logo 7-1-14

the-most-creative-blogger-award logo 7-1-14most-influential-blogger logo 7-1-14reader-app-award logo 7-1-14This nomination comes with no rules to follow, so I will simply tell you five things about me I think you don’t know:-

I wear bed socks when I get into bed, but after an hour I peel them off and stick my feet out of the bottom of the duvet;



Weetabix for breakfast in summer; porridge in winter;

I haven’t drunk alcohol for almost three years. It stopped agreeing with me;

My favourite biscuit is a Jaffa Cake;

[photo: Euan Myles]

[photo: Euan Myles]

My favourite author, still living and writing: Kate Atkinson [above].

And now I will nominate five blogs I enjoy reading:-

Jessica Kennedy at Mama Confessionals writes about her life as mother to three small children who smell of lavender and have clever one-liners. Jessica’s short story ‘Full of Abundance and Feeling Heavy’ is published in The Milk of Female Kindness: an Anthology of Honest Motherhood, which also features two of my stories. Click here to buy from Amazon; the milk of female kindness - cover 13-12-13Judith Field, prolific short story writer and part-time journalist. According to her blog The Mill Hillbillies she is also an expert in chemical and biological warfare; I’m not sure whether to take that with a pinch of salt [sorry if it’s true, Judith!]. Anyway Judith’s story ‘Imperial Signet’ appears in The Milk of Female Kindness [above]. joan hickson as MIss Marple 8-1-14DS Nelson’s introduction to crime was via Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. Now she writes her own crime stories, including the Blake Hetherington mystery series. Check out her blog at the intriguingly named Hat Paint Ladders and Wonky Pooh.

You must read the About page of Helen’s blog Helen Midgley. It made me laugh and made me want to read more. She writes short stories and flash fiction, and is slowly writing her first novel about Lucy Green.

300 stories is the blog of Belgian writer Dieter Rogiers. His aim is to write a story , every day, of 300 words. That is a lot of writing!

Congratulations to the five bloggers I’ve nominated. I hope my readers will now explore these blogs and enjoy them as I do. If I’ve nominated you, but you don’t accept awards, then please just accept this as my thanks for writing your blog! If you do accept the awards, please nominate winners of your own so we call all discover new blogs.