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Walking on Wimbledon Common

When I wrote Ignoring Gravity I lived in Wimbledon Village, first of all near the tennis club and then later nearer Wimbledon Common. Until I lived in SW19, I didn’t realise what a village-y place it is. It turned out to be ideal for a writer’s life; for me that involves long hours inside staring at a computer screen, followed by a daily walk in the fresh air for muscle relaxation and creative inspiration. I have drunk a lot of tea, and coffee, in all the cafes in Wimbledon Village. Wasting time, I guess, or thinking time. Prevaricating? Faffing? Familiarity is key for me, both in the route I walk and in my drinks. Coffee in the morning, tea at every other time. I had my favourite seat in each café, if I arrived to find it taken I would continue strolling to the next place. If my favourite barista was not in the coffee shop – the one who understood that when I ordered a ‘soya wet latte’ I meant ‘no foam’ – I would walk on. Food; most often a granola bar, sometimes pain au raisin. I am a creature of habit. I had my favourite bench by
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