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How to Get Ahead: Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood “Learn from those who’ve come before you. This is true for any discipline, not just fashion. It’s a sickness of the modern age – all too often, people decide they want to do something but don’t take the time to master the discipline in the first place.” [Vivienne Westwood, quote from ‘Grazia’ magazine January 18, 2010] You don’t have to like fashion to have heard of Dame Vivienne Westwood. She truly is one alone. She has designed and sold clothes since 1971 when her boyfriend Malcolm McLaren opened a shop called Let It Rock at 430 King’s Road, London, challenging the establishment every step of the way in her own eccentric inspirational way. As a young Yorkshire journalist in London, she showed me that it was okay to have a northern accent. What Westwood is saying here is ‘learn the rules before you break them’. Not something you want to hear when you are young but something that does apply to writing. Perhaps it’s the journalist in me but I have always been a bit of a stickler for the Style Book, and I know I continue to use the same grammatical and style rules I learned as
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