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Scouting locations for filming

Over two months this spring I learned that writing a book doesn’t finish when you type ‘the end’. A new phase then begins: knocking the book into shape and planning promotion. I’m lucky enough to have a great team of people helping me and I am learning very fast. I spent a week scouting locations, planning and filming two videos [the book trailer, and an author interview] and a photo shoot for a portrait photo then gratefully handed over the post-production to the experts. Trees are an important part of Ignoring Gravity, symbolising family history. So I was keen to shoot either the portrait photo or the author interview, or both, sitting or standing by a tree. Which sounds easy except we were doing this in March when the trees are bare of leaves and so a little boring. My PR consultant Nicky Stephen has a neighbour with a beautiful garden, including a tree with a circular wooden bench around the trunk. We shot the portrait photo straight away as the light was good, soft light, no bright sunshine. While we were doing this we realised a potential problem for the video shoot: the sheep in the next field were
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Choosing music for the book trailer

The one element of making Ignoring Gravity‘s book trailer which I thought would be easy turned out to be the most time-consuming. Music. Simple, I thought, something thoughtful, a modern take on classical. This was just before the Oscars and I read an article in the newspaper about the composer who was nominated for the soundtrack to Gravity, Stephen Price who happens to live a few miles from me. So I looked him up on Linked In which immediately informed me that one of my friends knows Stephen. The wonder of online networking! I’ve nothing to lose, I decided, he might win the Oscar and want to help out a local writer. An e-mail exchange later confirmed my friend doesn’t know Stephen Price after all, but does know Gavin Greenaway, another local conductor/composer who might be able to help. It turned out that Gavin’s non-assigned tracks were too ‘bombastic’ for my needs, but he kindly gave me some sound advice about sourcing music online. He pointed me towards Audio Network where you can license a track from the hundreds available for £95 plus VAT. Another friend recommended Sound Cloud. I spent one weekend listening to tracks on both websites and
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