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I agree with… Matt Haig, again

Matt Haig “Let’s not patronise books – they are not endangered baby pandas. Let’s allow for honest reviewing. No reviewer should ever feel intimidated or under silent pressure. Let’s talk, let’s argue, let’s praise, let’s criticise, let’s learn. Let’s love books enough to criticise them.” [in a column for ‘The Bookseller’ magazine, November 14, 2014]  Matt Haig, author of The Humans, unleashed a bit of a Twitterstorm when he had a grumble about uncritical book reviews by some online reviewers. He wants a dialogue about books, not a polite review. In the course of the Twitterstorm, he was told stories about harassment and has called for calm and open discussion. If it wasn’t for online book reviews I would never have known about Burial Rites by Hannah Kent or Ferney by James Long. Reading book blogs has widened the scope of my reading and I am grateful for them, finding a book blogger whose taste I trust is like having a friend with whom I can discuss favourite books. But I do agree with him that book reviews need to be more coloured with debate. A string of 5* reviews helps neither the book reader wondering which title to read
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Getting the best out of Twitter

I was pretty slow at joining Twitter, couldn’t understand how it could inform my writing, didn’t see the application to my life as a writer. Then the need to promote Ignoring Gravity changed all that and now I am a big fan. Not, it has to be said, tweeting about the minutiae of life but I think I am now a tweeter and a reader of tweets. Things I like about Twitter:- The ability to connect with other writers, unknown, unpublished, published, famous. The sense that we are all writers, writing every day; The community of book bloggers and authors, the two-way encouragement, congratulations and support from people who love books; The # trends which follow the hot topics in writing and the new friends these bring; Photographs, every tweet should have a photo if at all possible; Month-long themes such as #bookaday which make me think about the books I love and introduce me to writers, readers and book people. Things I don’t like about Twitter:- The ‘I’ve followed you so you must follow me’ thing; The ‘I’ve just eaten a bowl of cornflakes’ tweet; The ‘Please buy my book for 99¢ on Amazon’ tweet; Bad punctuation and spelling. There’s no
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The Twitter Report

Aah, Twitter… how shall I count the ways? Five months tweeting… 877 tweets tweeted, more than some [I mean JK] but a lot less than others. 629 tweeters followed, mostly authors, journalists, book world people, Andy Murray and Yorkshire Tea. No free teabags yet… For future reference, in case we meet, I’m a Tiffie [tea in first] not a Miffie [milk in first]. I was brought up as a Miffie but have been served too many cups of weak tea in my life to put up with it any longer. So I did a U-turn and have never looked back. 343 tweeters following me. Thank you if you are one of them [you will know that my tweets are different from my blog]. Stay with me, this is where it gets interesting. My followers include… Friends and family [of course]… Writers [I know, I don’t know, I admire, I long to have written the books they have written]… Book lovers [they make my world go around]… Poets [a beautiful way to give my brain a rest from writing]… Lots of people who want to promote my book, for a small fee [uhm, I didn’t know there were so many out
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