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Getting the best out of Twitter

I was pretty slow at joining Twitter, couldn’t understand how it could inform my writing, didn’t see the application to my life as a writer. Then the need to promote Ignoring Gravity changed all that and now I am a big fan. Not, it has to be said, tweeting about the minutiae of life but I think I am now a tweeter and a reader of tweets. Things I like about Twitter:- The ability to connect with other writers, unknown, unpublished, published, famous. The sense that we are all writers, writing every day; The community of book bloggers and authors, the two-way encouragement, congratulations and support from people who love books; The # trends which follow the hot topics in writing and the new friends these bring; Photographs, every tweet should have a photo if at all possible; Month-long themes such as #bookaday which make me think about the books I love and introduce me to writers, readers and book people. Things I don’t like about Twitter:- The ‘I’ve followed you so you must follow me’ thing; The ‘I’ve just eaten a bowl of cornflakes’ tweet; The ‘Please buy my book for 99¢ on Amazon’ tweet; Bad punctuation and spelling. There’s no
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