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Flash Fiction: Consequences

That’s it. The clock tower? Uh-huh. The building at which the man was pointing disappeared as their pod went behind a wide white steel upright. Father and son were on a big wheel beside a river. Each time it completed a rotation, the wheel passed a derelict building, a pile of bricks except for a wall standing prone and leaning slightly to the right. Just visible was a faded advertisement hoarding which said ‘Queue here for London Eye tickets’. So why did you bring me here? Because of what it symbolises, because it’s important for you to understand. Silence. Come on, think about it. You did history at school. Yeh, Mr Gayle’s class. I know the Government used to be in London before it moved to Norwich. And? And… something to do with the final war? Yes, in that building the politicians decided to go to war. That was the beginning of it all. If they’d listened to the people… we didn’t want it, we demonstrated. But it was democratic then, right? So the people elected the Government. Which sounds cool, I mean, I’d like to do that when I’m old enough. But then Mr Gayle said it was crazy
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