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Thanks… the Dragon’s Loyalty Award

This award is a little different from those which are awarded by fellow bloggers for the editorial content. Instead, this award is nominated by bloggers to their loyal readers, as a thank you for their support throughout the year. And I have to thank Steve at Gardening in Greenwood for this nomination. I can’t remember how I found my way to Steve’s blog, but I love the way he shows the progress of his garden projects, from nothing to completion, if completion ever exists in gardening terms. I think the post that sticks most in my memory is the one about the plants that have died, and which he misses. So, thanks to Steve. Now, a brief mention of The Rules for this award, which are:- Thank the person who offered it to you and link to their site. Display the award on your site and write a post about it. Present 15 or so other bloggers with the award and let them know about it. Write 7 things about yourself. List the Rules. Accordingly, I nominate these 15 bloggers, loyal readers of my blog, who have given me the encouragement to continue writing from the early days when I was averaging
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