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The ‘Allergic to E’ Challenge

I’m not allergic to anything, except penicillin, and when I was a child I was allergic to wasp stings. So thanks – perhaps, not sure what I’m getting myself into here – to Lizzie at My Little Book Blog for nominating me for the ‘Allergic to E Challenge’. When I saw the incoming tweet I was a little perplexed, but once I read Lizzie’s post I realized what a clever little challenge this is.  The idea is to construct and write a paragraph that is between four and six sentences without using the letter E once. Here is my attempt:- Darya thought of Sasha, as boy and girl, at school, as companions in January snow and August rain, and thought of his ultimatum: to splash big, splash grand, splash wild, to splash again and again. Today, Darya is 80 not 8, but Sasha is not. Still, a thrill of holding hands with him, jumping from pond to pond, is as strong as now painful arthritic joints.  This paragraph is based on a writing exercise about Darya, a Russian character in Connectedness, the follow-up novel to Ignoring Gravity. Darya has early dementia, and surrenders to her childhood memories of playing with her neighbour,
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