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On the radio in Spain

An e-mail from Talk Radio Europe flew into my Inbox with three easy questions:- Did I fancy a day trip to San Pedro de Alcantara, near Marbella? Yes. Could I talk about my book, and about adoption? Yes. Was it okay to speak in English, not Spanish. Bueno? Absolutely, yes! I was thrilled to be asked to appear on The Book Show, the weekly book discussion programme on Spain’s biggest English language radio station for ex-pats. The Book Show is broadcast every Thursday evening in Spain by Talk Radio Europe to half a million listeners. I really enjoyed chatting with presenter Hannah Murray [below] who explained the personal appeal which Ignoring Gravity has for her, she has two friends who were adopted, with differing experiences: one had a happy childhood, the other experienced a rockier road. These friendships gave Hannah a key insight into the adoption storyline of Ignoring Gravity and she asked me some really interesting questions. To listen to my interview, click below.   Make sure you don’t miss out on information about forthcoming Rose Haldane novels, sign up for my [irregular] newsletter here. Read what other readers are saying about Ignoring Gravity here. Want to know more about
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