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Choosing music for the book trailer

The one element of making Ignoring Gravity‘s book trailer which I thought would be easy turned out to be the most time-consuming. Music. Simple, I thought, something thoughtful, a modern take on classical. This was just before the Oscars and I read an article in the newspaper about the composer who was nominated for the soundtrack to Gravity, Stephen Price who happens to live a few miles from me. So I looked him up on Linked In which immediately informed me that one of my friends knows Stephen. The wonder of online networking! I’ve nothing to lose, I decided, he might win the Oscar and want to help out a local writer. An e-mail exchange later confirmed my friend doesn’t know Stephen Price after all, but does know Gavin Greenaway, another local conductor/composer who might be able to help. It turned out that Gavin’s non-assigned tracks were too ‘bombastic’ for my needs, but he kindly gave me some sound advice about sourcing music online. He pointed me towards Audio Network where you can license a track from the hundreds available for £95 plus VAT. Another friend recommended Sound Cloud. I spent one weekend listening to tracks on both websites and
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