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#FlashPIC 44 Green Chairs #writingprompt #amwriting

Some stage sets are minimal, no furniture, no accessories, which has the effect of concentrating the audience’s attention on character. Consider these two green chairs in the same way and stage a scene here. This may be a complete story, or a scene from a larger work. Remember, if something is not shown in this picture you may not use it. This is a writing prompt from the Writers’ BLOCKbusters series. There are two chairs, which implies two characters. But what happens if you add a third person, someone who cannot sit down? How does the choice of two chairs and the conversations about them show the nature of the relationship of your characters. Are they strangers, being bullying, or polite? Perhaps they are a couple with a former partner. Or three siblings with hidden resentments. Consider how each of them in turn reacts to the shortage of one chair. Now decide on the dynamics between the three people before your story starts. Map out how this changes between them as the scene progresses. And what is the finishing point? Finally sketch out the context for the meeting. Is it accidental or pre-arranged. Are they in a quiet corner or a busy
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