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Great Opening Paragraph 129 ‘The Paying Guests’ #amwriting #FirstPara

“The Barbers had said they would arrive by three. It was like waiting to begin a journey, Frances thought. She and her mother had spent the morning watching the clock, unable to relax. At half past two she had gone wistfully over the rooms for what she’d supposed was the final time; after that there had been a nerving-up, giving way to a steady deflation, and now, at almost five, here she was again, listening to the echo of her own footsteps, feeling so sort of fondness for the sparsely furnished spaces, impatient simply for the couple to arrive, move in, get it over with.” ‘The Paying Guests’ by Sarah Waters BUY THE BOOK Try one of these 1st paras & discover a new author:- ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte ’Personal’ by Lee Child ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind And if you’d like to tweet a link to THIS post, here’s my suggested tweet: #FirstPara THE PAYING GUESTS  by Sarah Waters #amwriting via @SandraDanby
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↑↓ Going Up Going Down 13

↑ Sorry Kelly I have nothing against Kelly Clarkson: I like ‘A Moment Like This’, I like American Idol and am not in the least bit snobby about it [its much better than The X Factor]. But I am relieved that Jane Austen’s turquoise and gold ring will stay in the UK. Clarkson outbid Jane Austen’s House Museum at an auction last year, buying the ring for £152,450. Culture Minister Ed Vaizey put an export bar on it until 30 September 2013 and the museum in Chawton, Hampshire started a fundraising campaign. It raised enough money to buy back the ring, including an anonymous contribution in August of £100k. Clarkson accepted the bid. The ring will go on display at the museum in the New Year, alongside other pieces of Austen’s jewellery. To learn more about the Chawton museum, click this link:- ↑ Re-imagining Jane Austen Harper Fiction is running a Jane Austen writing competition for 16-18 year olds on the theme ‘Jane Austen: Re-imagined.’ Entries will be judged by novelist Joanna Trollope. The winner will be published on a special website. Trollope will visit the winner’s school to talk about Austen, and the school library will also be
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