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The symbolism of trees

The tree as a symbol for family history research is well known and I use it throughout Ignoring Gravity. The family tree, the networking of roots and branches, stretching wide, unseen beneath the earth and hidden by leaves, is an ideal image for the twists and turns of Rose Haldane’s heritage. Trees are everywhere.Trees also symbolise life, fertility, the seasons, the passing of time, and renewal. They appear throughout literature and art. One of my favourite paintings is by David Hockney, a scene painted a few miles from where I grew up in Yorkshire. Bigger Trees Near Warter, measures 12×4 metres and was painted outside in six weeks, then completed in the studio. Hockney used digital technology to assemble a computer mosaic of the picture, comprising 50 individual canvases, so he could step back and see it as a whole. It features two copses, a sycamore tree, buildings and early flowering daffodils. The concept of a tree of life has been used throughout religion and mythology, alluding to the interconnection of all forms of life throughout nature. Trees appear in history too, ancient oaks were often used as meeting points for rural councils. Much of England in the 13th century was covered
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