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#BookReview ‘Mudlarking’ by Lara Maiklem @LondonMudlark #Thames #archaeology

Lara Maiklem is a mudlark. She can be found at low tide walking the beaches and mud of the River Thames, foraging, searching, collecting bits and pieces. And in the course of her memoir Mudlarking, she tells the history of the river. This is a personal history, not a novel. Starting at the tidal head near Teddington and heading east to the Thames Estuary, Maiklem has written an anecdotal guide to London’s river, the treasures which can be found buried in the mud, and tells the stories of the people [real and imagined] who once lived there. From the discarded Doves Type to broken clay pipes and glass bottle stoppers, she describes the objects she has found, their place in her collection, her methods of cleaning and preserving them. Along the way she consults experts and historians and forages with fellow mudlarks who each have their favourite places, their specialist objects to collect. ‘Modern mudlarks fall into two distinct categories,’ she explains. ‘Hunters and gatherers. I am one of the latter. I find objects using just my eyes to spot what is lying on the surface. Eyes-only foragers like me generally enjoy the searching as much as the finding, and
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Rose: jogger or stalker?

The scene in Ignoring Gravity which sees Rose jogging at midnight along the Thames Riverside path is based on a real place in Battersea, London. Rose has met Nick Maddox a couple of times and is intrigued, pulling on her trainers late one night she drives to Battersea and sets out to ‘jog’. The ‘jogging’ of course is an excuse to check out where he lives. So is she a stalker or a jogger?Maddox is a successful businessman and I decided he would live in an apartment block like Montevetro: stylish, modern, it couldn’t be more different than Rose’s first floor flat in Wimbledon. Rose looked up at the glass-and-steel building looming above her. Nine, no ten storeys high, tall for this part of London excepting Chelsea Harbour opposite. A couple of windows were asleep behind pulled curtains, some were bright and awake and staring at her rudeness, more blinked at her with half-pulled blinds as if saying, ‘Hello there, I am cool aren’t I? Fancy coming up for a cocktail?’ Like Rose, on my research trip I found my way from my parked car, headed for the church and found a cut-through to the Thames. The water was grey,
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