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#Flashfortnight… Revenge

My second story for #Flash Fortnight is Revenge, about June who sets out with a cheese sandwich and binoculars. Click here to read Revenge for free at Ether. If you enjoy the story, please leave a review.   #Flash Fortnight is a competition for very short stories – ie ‘in a flash’ fiction of up to 500 words – so last week I wrote a story a day. Each day, organiser Etherbooks announced a different theme. The first week was about writing the stories, this week we release the stories to the world.  The theme for the first day was ‘Beginnings’, click here to read my story Beginnings. Coming tomorrow… ‘Celebration’.   To read Ether’s selection of short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction and essays to your mobile or tablet,  click here to download the app at iTunes or GooglePlay. Follow all the Twitter gossip about #flashfortnight and discover new writers using the hashtag or by following me @SandraDanby and @Etherbooks
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I agree with… Lizzie Enfield

Lizzie Enfield “Just in case I was sounding a bit too sanctimonious and forgiving, I had to include Fay Weldon’s gloriously imagined tale of revenge and retribution, ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’. Not least as it indulges just about every fantasy every wronged, put upon or simply a bit fed up woman has ever had; from forcing your husband to look after the children 24-7 to using someone who used you in a spectacularly inventive way.” [Lizzie Enfield, in an interview with ‘We Love This Book’ about revenge novels] Oh this took me back years, to first reading this book and how daring it was. And secondly remembering the TV series [below] which followed in 1986. Lizzie Enfield says it all, if you haven’t read the book go and order/buy it now! To read the full article at We Love This Book about Lizzie’s top 5 revenge novels, click here. To visit Lizzie Enfield’s website, click here. Click here to watch on You Tube an excerpt from Episode 1 of The Life and Loves of a She-Devil. Other excerpts are also available. If you agree with Lizzie Enfield, perhaps you will agree with:- Judi Dench, on giving your characters
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