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Flash Fiction: ‘An Apple Five Ways: 2/Outdoors’

The list fell out an old book. It was a story torn from a paper magazine and the headline read ’10 things for your child to do outdoors’. Marianne was clearing out the apartment belonging to her elderly neighbour, who had recently died. Evelyn had lived alone and had no family and Marianne, liking to be helpful, found herself sorting and emptying the flat of Evelyn’s life. There were so many books, thick, old-fashioned books with pictures on the covers, so different from the e-books waiting on Marianne’s tablet for her to read. The motivation was absent. But now the printed word drew her in. She sat on the floor, surrounded by books large and small, thick and thin, and picked up one at a time. Gold letters, The RAC Guide to English Villages; Gates on fire, Rebecca; An egg, Cooking for One by Delia Smith; A beach, the sea, Echoes; Reader’s Digest Guide to the Garden. The piece of paper fell from the gardening book. It was the first Marianne opened, drawn by the cover picture of old English roses. Pink, pale as the first hint of a sunset, dark like a blood blister forming. ’10 things for your
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