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I agree with… Peter Carey

Peter Carey [on the sound of pneumatic drills outside his Manhattan apartment]… It’s been going on for a few days. Actually, I wrote ‘Oscar and Lucinda’ across the street from a construction site, with rock-splitting equipment banging away constantly for months. I can deal with this.” [Peter Carey in an interview with ‘The Bookseller’ magazine September 12, 2014 about the forthcoming publication of ‘Amnesia’] Some writers like noise, others hide from it… Jonathan Franzen famously writes with noise-cancelling earphones. I can pretty much write anywhere, my journalism background I think. When it comes to music though, I prefer classical, non-lyrical music. When it comes to doing my admin, e-mails, filing etc, it is loud rock music. I’m currently re-listening to my collection The Police albums. To read more about Peter Carey and his books, click here for his website. Read this interview with The Paris Review to find out why the young Carey thought it was a good idea to send his unpublished novel to English theatre critic Kenneth Tynan. To read my novel of Carey’s latest novel, Amnesia, click here. ‘Amnesia’ by Peter Carey [UK: Faber] If you agree with Peter Carey, perhaps you will agree with:- Lizzie Enfield
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