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The early days… and dodgy hair

Leaving university in 1982 and hunting for a job as a journalist was difficult: training schemes were being closed; this was long before the invention of the Media Studies course. I was resigned to doing another year as a postgraduate student and then a letter arrived from a publishing company called Benn Publications. Against the grain, it was starting a Graduate Trainee Journalist Programme. After two interviews I got the job. But it wasn’t in Fleet Street, at that time still the centre of London’s newspaper business, long before Eddie Shah’s all-colour newspaper Today and the transferral of printing presses to Docklands. The job was in Tonbridge, Kent. But I had a job, many of my contemporaries didn’t, so I stifled my disappointment and packed my bags. I found a house-share in a pretty Kent village and learned the hands-on way to be a journalist. Bottom up. What can I say about my hair… it was the Eighties. It was my one and only perm. This [below] is a cutting from UK Press Gazette, the weekly magazine for journalists. Where are they all now? From left to right: Val Williams [training editor], Debbie Tripley, Jim Muttram, Trevor Goodman, Bill Cullum,
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