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Alternative ideas for your Mum

Motherhood means different things to different people. It’s just over a week until Mother’s Day in the UK. Still plenty of time to do one or more of the following things before next Sunday. –       Book a table in your mother’s favourite restaurant and order a bottle of sparkling something [champagne, prosecco, cava] to be waiting on your table; –       Write her a letter [yes, with pen and paper, putting it into an envelope, attaching a stamp, and posting it in a letterbox, the red things on street corners] telling her you love her and mean to tell her that every day and that just because you forget does not mean you don’t think about her; –       Buy her a greetings card, if you must, though she would prefer a letter I think; –       Cut some wildflowers from the hedgerow, or flowers from your garden [not someone else’s, not without permission anyway], and wrap them up in some brown paper or gift wrap paper. Much nicer than a supermarket bouquet in plastic film; –       Order her a book about what it is like to be a mother and a daughter, written by mothers and daughters [including me, the daughter bit not
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