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Why I started blogging… with thanks to Pineapple Express

Christmas 2012. I googled myself one day, as you do. It was some time since I’d done this, the last search had yielded results including freelance articles written for magazines ranging from The Bookseller to Furniture News, Allergy magazine to What Mortgage? This time: nothing. Well, not quite nothing. I have a very unusual surname which means there aren’t many people out there called Sandra Danby for me to be mistaken for. Except one entry was repeated. Click here to see it. Sandra Danby is a character in a movie called Pineapple Express. Once I’d got over the shock that my name was deemed glamorous enough to be a character in a film, I started to get worried. Exactly what sort of film was it? Something about the title suggested it might be a little saucy. Actually it isn’t, it’s an action/comedy/crime movie about a process server and his marijuana dealer who go on the run after he witnesses his dealer’s boss murder a competitor. The film stars James Franco and Seth Rogen, so it can’t all be bad. My part is played by actress Jeanetta Arnette [below], it’s a small part, basically she just has some papers served on her and
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