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New books coming soon

Mark Lawson The Guardian journalist and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme, Mark Lawson, has a new novel just out, his first for eight years. The Deaths is a state-of-the-nation novel positioning the ‘new aristocracy’ of bankers, professionals and business tycoons in the ‘old aristocracy’ setting of listed houses in the English countryside. This idyll is threatened by the economic downturn, then turned upside down by an act of violence. Paula Hawkins Paula Hawkins’ debut novel, The Girl on The Train, is described as an edge-of-the-seat thriller in the tradition of Before I Go to Sleep. The book will be published by Doubleday in spring 2015. Hawkins said: “Like most Londoners, I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to think about shuttling backwards and forwards on trains to various jobs in various parts of the city, and many of those hours have been spent gazing out of windows at the same streets and the same houses, every now and again catching a glimpse into the lives of others. I find that there’s something so intriguing about those snatched glances into strangers’ lives, partly because they’re so frustratingly fleeting, so you only ever see a tiny sliver of a
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