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Book preview: The Whistler

This is the first time I’ve written a preview of an unpublished book of which I have read only the first four chapters. The exception is because the author is John Grisham. I’ve learned a lot about writing from Grisham’s early books, he is a master of building tension, a master of the slow-burn. I’m a fan, right back to A Time to Kill, The Firm and The Pelican Brief. So does The Whistler stand tall beside my favourites? Truth is, it’s difficult to say. I haven’t read chapter five yet. Grisham has never been an author to start with a wham-bang first chapter. He introduces characters and backgrounds, both essential in legal thrillers. And that’s what he does with The Whistler. But what I read made me want to read it all. The classic Grisham elements are there. The setting is Florida where those who help the state to recover illegally acquired assets get a big payout. The protagonist is Lacy Stoltz, an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. She is a lawyer, not a policewoman. Into Lacy’s ordinary world walks Greg Myers, a dodgy lawyer with an assumed name. He has a client, a whistleblower willing
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Great opening paragraph 74… ‘The Last Juror’ #amwriting #FirstPara

“After decades of patient mismanagement and loving neglect, The Ford County Times went bankrupt in 1970. The owner and publisher, Miss Emma Caudle, was ninety-three years old and strapped to a bed in a nursing home in Tupelo. The editor, her son Wilson Caudle, was in his seventies and had a plate in his head from the First War. A perfect circle of dark grafted skin covered the plate at the top of his long, sloping forehead, and throughout his adult life he had endured the nickname of Spot. Spot did this. Spot did that. Here, Spot. There, Spot.” ‘The Last Juror’ by John Grisham Amazon Try one of these 1st paras & discover a new author:- ‘Death in Summer’ by William Trevor ‘The Impressionist’ by Hari Kunzru ‘Lord Jim’ by Joseph Conrad And if you’d like to tweet a link to THIS post, here’s my suggested tweet: THE LAST JUROR by @JohnGrisham #books via @SandraDanby
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