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‘Ignoring Gravity’: coming soon

Sandra Danby’s first novel is the story of four women, two generations… 1960s Two sisters… Diana, logical, controlling, desperate to be a wife and mother. Kate, an actress and rebel. As different as two sisters can possibly be… 2000s Two sisters… Diana’s daughters Rose and Lily. Rose is a journalist, stuck on a treadmill writing about gluten intolerance and fearing she’s too old to get her big break. Lily, butterfly-minded, happily married, desperate for a baby. As different as two sisters can possibly be… Two diaries… The discovery of a diary reveals a secret hidden for a generation: Rose was adopted. Who were her parents and why didn’t they want her? She uses her journalistic skills to get to the truth. But what is the value of truth when a secret happened so long ago and the people involved are dead? Can the sisters put aside their differences to discover the answers? In the course of a year, Rose will become a detective though she will never solve a crime, attend a murder scene or chase a burglar. She will be a detective of identities. But first, she must discover who she is. ‘Ignoring Gravity’ is the story of Rose
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