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↑ Authors defend green countryside The Lake District [below] inspired William Wordsworth, Wessex inspired Thomas Hardy. Now some of the most iconic parts of English countryside which have inspired writers and poets for centuries are under threat by new home construction, according to the Campaign to Protect Rural England. An unprecedented list of British writers, including CPRE  president Sir Andrew Motion, Philip Pullman, John Le Carre, David Lodge, Bill Bryson and Jeanette Winterson, have protested against excess development. The letter to Government called for change: “As artists and writers who have been inspired by the matchless beauty of England, we urge the Government to support the three basic principles set out in CPRE’s charter to save our countryside. First, build on suitable brownfield land first, rather than unnecessarily sacrificing the countryside. Second, real localism: give people a proper say in shaping the places they love. Finally, we must build more houses – not executive houses on green fields, as is too often the case now, but well-designed affordable homes in the right places.” ↑Rankin on stage Dark Road, Ian Rankin’s first stage play, earned four curtain calls at its premiere at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre on September 25, 2013. Written
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