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Did you know, Elizabeth Gilbert…

Did you know Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love, wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer in order to get an ‘in’ at the publisher she wanted to work at? When Gilbert wanted a job at Spin magazine she approached publisher, Bob Guccione Jr, who she had met once at a party. The receptionist was unsympathetic. Basically Gilbert did not leave until she saw Guccione who had no recollection of having met her, but his assistant was going out of town so he offered her a temporary job for three days as his fill-in. After the three days were up, Guccione gave Gilbert $300 and wished her good luck. Some months later, Gilbert placed her first short story in Esquire magazine. It was published with the subtitle ‘the debut of an American writer’. She sent the story to Guccione with a note that read, ‘I told you I was a writer!’ He called and offered her an assignment on the spot. The Moral of the Story: Never Give Up, Never Surrender [if you don’t know this quote you don’t watch enough movies: watch Galaxy Quest now!] Read the full NY Times article here. Read my review of Gilbert’s The Signature
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