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‘Ignoring Gravity’: what’s going on

It is two weeks since I got the news that Ignoring Gravity was going to be part of the new publishing imprint Britain’s Next Bestseller. The launch is on March 28, 2014 so the countdown has started! I now have provisional front covers, which I am very excited about – I wrote a fairly tight brief and my graphic designer has done a great job. Out of the eight dummies he produced, I immediately discarded two.  I stuck the remaining six on the wall, so I see them every time I walk upstairs, and have already discarded another three. It is vital to get this right, as everything else seems to flow from the look of the cover. In order to write the brief,  I visited my local bookshop and looked at cover design: the new titles on displayed on tables by the door, and older titles in the bookcases. I didn’t worry about the title at this point, I was looking for covers that caught my eye – title, use of colour, image, typography. Then I went home, stood in front of my bookshelves and pulled out book after book. The subsequent pile yielded some covers I really liked,
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