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I agree with… Benjamin Wood

Benjamin Wood “The only time I’ve ever been blocked on Twitter was because I was defending creative writing teaching. You cannot teach someone to have talent but what you can do, if you’re a good teacher, is to take the amount of talent each person has and teach them to get the most out of it.” [in an interview with ‘The Bookseller’ magazine, April 24, 2015] Wood’s day job is senior lecturer in creative writing at Birkbeck University [where I too studied creative writing, though not with Wood]. His defence of creative writing teaching is spot-on in my book. Why is it that many people expect innate ability to just flourish when someone is writing a novel, but not place the same expectations on budding artists or surgeons or round-the-world yachtsmen? “The idea that it’s wrong for people who want to put themselves in a room and get better at something is crazy.” Is it because of the old adage ‘everyone has a book in them’, so writing a book is seen as easy? It’s not. And creative writing classes are littered with students who never finish their manuscripts. The Ecliptic is Wood’s second novel, his first The Bellweather Revivals
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