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Book review: Murder at Catmmando Mountain

I nearly gave up on this in the first few pages, and what an error that would have been. I am a novice to #cozymysteries that genre of crime/mystery stories which exclude violence and graphic gory details. Cozy mysteries are about character and quick-moving plot rather than bangs and flashes. Anna Celeste Burke is an American writer specializing in the genre. So, why did I almost stop reading Murder at Catmmando Mountain? It might be a journalist’s thing, but I don’t like to be told too much information upfront. But once I got past the bit about who Georgie Shaw is – she’s the narrator with a smart voice who works in PR at a tourist attraction, Marvellous Marley World, based on the cartoon characters of tycoon Max Marley – the action starts in chapter two. Then the fun starts. Early one morning, a body is found. Not just any body, a dead body. The body of Mallory Marley, obnoxious daughter of Max Marley. Lying next to the body, and dipped in Mallory’s blood, is Georgie’s scarf. Georgie, who recently moved to the PR department from Food and Beverage rather than take retirement, is forced to consider her life in
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