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How to write a book review

Probably the biggest no-no is not to give away the plot. Do not do this, even if you write a big headline saying ‘this book review contains spoilers’. No-one likes it, don’t do it. Publishers will not send you preview copies, readers will not dare read any of your reviews in case it spoils the plot, and authors will hate you for doing away with the need to buy their book. There are basically two types of book review:- Descriptive: this gives the essential information about the book, the author, when/where available. Many book reviewers lift this information straight from the Amazon or Goodreads summary, but the journalist in me dislikes this habit. It can feel as if the reviewer has not actually read the book. Critical: this style of review describes the book and evaluates the story, with the reviewer backing up opinions with examples from the text. This is the more thorough review, considering the book within the wider picture of the author’s work, genre, publishing trends, its themes, characterization, plot, structure. While reading a book for review, I:- Make a note of my first impressions; Keep notes about plot turns, and particularly anything that surprises me; Write down excerpts
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Book review: Forever Fredless

This is a sunny ‘what if…’ story by Suzy Turner about a girl who longs for a dream not recognising that her life is offering her something better than that unattainable dream. It is a reminder to appreciate what you have, rather than covet something you can’t have. Kate Robinson falls instantly in love when she is 12. She doesn’t know the boy’s name, they exchange a glance but not a single word, before being whisked away by their parents, destined never to meet again. As Kate grows older, no man matches up to ‘Fred’, as she thinks of him, until a surprise inheritance changes her life and shows her that there are other possible loves in her life than the unknown ‘Fred’. Forever Fredless is a fast-moving chicklit novel which I read quickly on a flight going on holiday. Exactly the book to pack in your suitcase. It’ll teach you about the perils of celebrity, that money isn’t always a blessing, and that teenage dreams are made of clouds… but are still worth believing in. For more information about other books by Suzy Turner, click here for her website. If you like ‘Forever Fredless’, read these other romances:- ‘Stormy
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I agree with… Matt Haig, again

Matt Haig “Let’s not patronise books – they are not endangered baby pandas. Let’s allow for honest reviewing. No reviewer should ever feel intimidated or under silent pressure. Let’s talk, let’s argue, let’s praise, let’s criticise, let’s learn. Let’s love books enough to criticise them.” [in a column for ‘The Bookseller’ magazine, November 14, 2014]  Matt Haig, author of The Humans, unleashed a bit of a Twitterstorm when he had a grumble about uncritical book reviews by some online reviewers. He wants a dialogue about books, not a polite review. In the course of the Twitterstorm, he was told stories about harassment and has called for calm and open discussion. If it wasn’t for online book reviews I would never have known about Burial Rites by Hannah Kent or Ferney by James Long. Reading book blogs has widened the scope of my reading and I am grateful for them, finding a book blogger whose taste I trust is like having a friend with whom I can discuss favourite books. But I do agree with him that book reviews need to be more coloured with debate. A string of 5* reviews helps neither the book reader wondering which title to read
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Suzy Turner reviews ‘Ignoring Gravity’

“I thoroughly enjoyed Ignoring Gravity. The depths of the relationships between the characters particularly set it apart although I thought Rose did seem to find (and fall in) love a little too easily. But other than that, it was a fabulous read. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat desperately wanting her to discover the truth in all the twists and turns throughout,” says author Suzy Turner of Fiction Dreams. Read Suzy’s review in full by clicking here. To read what other readers are saying about Ignoring Gravity, click here. ‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press] Buy now And if you’d like to tweet a link to THIS post, here’s my suggested tweet: IGNORING GRAVITY #bookreview by @suzy_turner via @SandraDanby
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