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I agree with… Freya North

Freya North “If you are frightened of it [social media], it will swallow you up and hold you back… I love Facebook and Twitter – it’s a great way to connect with readers.” [In an interview with ‘The Bookseller’ magazine] Freya North’s top five books have sold as follows:- Secrets 220,655 Love Rules 197,575 Home Truths 168,577 Chloe 135,282 Pillow Talk 135,042 [figures from The Bookseller magazine April 25, 2014] Those astounding sales figures make me a) green with envy, and b) think she must be doing something right. She seems to be a thoroughly modern author, published traditionally by HarperCollins – The Way Back Home is her 13th novel – but she interacts with her readers directly using social media. She does not expect her publisher to do all the promotion. I agree. I wish I wrote in the days when the author’s sole job was to write the book. I wish I could stay in my study, concentrate on writing: what luxury. But I want people to read my book. So it’s time for a reality check: the world of publishing does not work like that any more. It is not just self-published authors who need to publicise
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