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I agree with… Matt Haig, again

Matt Haig “Let’s not patronise books – they are not endangered baby pandas. Let’s allow for honest reviewing. No reviewer should ever feel intimidated or under silent pressure. Let’s talk, let’s argue, let’s praise, let’s criticise, let’s learn. Let’s love books enough to criticise them.” [in a column for ‘The Bookseller’ magazine, November 14, 2014]  Matt Haig, author of The Humans, unleashed a bit of a Twitterstorm when he had a grumble about uncritical book reviews by some online reviewers. He wants a dialogue about books, not a polite review. In the course of the Twitterstorm, he was told stories about harassment and has called for calm and open discussion. If it wasn’t for online book reviews I would never have known about Burial Rites by Hannah Kent or Ferney by James Long. Reading book blogs has widened the scope of my reading and I am grateful for them, finding a book blogger whose taste I trust is like having a friend with whom I can discuss favourite books. But I do agree with him that book reviews need to be more coloured with debate. A string of 5* reviews helps neither the book reader wondering which title to read
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