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Writer, dearest

I love blog awards, everyone likes to be appreciated and blog awards are a nice way of spreading love around amongst bloggers and readers. The Liebster, for me, means love. Not sure why, perhaps because it sounds like ‘liebe’ which takes me back to my German classes at school: ‘Ich liebe dich’. So I’ve always assumed the ‘Liebster Award’ meant roughly the ‘We Love You Award’. Wrong… a quick check with Google Translate tells me that Liebster means ‘Dearest’. So, thanks to April at April4June6, for nominating me for the Dearest Award! April has asked me 11 questions:- Do you think we should adapt our demands to our means, or the other way around? If we don’t adapt our demands to our means, the planet will be bankrupt. What does writing mean to you? Everything. It is who I am, I cannot imagine ever not writing. What are you doing on a sunny day? Ideally, sitting in the sun, reading. Really, sitting inside, writing. What future memory would you like to create? Looking back to the day my first novel, Ignoring Gravity, was published. The first of a successful eries. Would you date yourself were you a person of the
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