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My Top 5… audio books

Audio books used to be unfashionable, still are for some people. So be it. Because I love them. Below I have tried to select my Top 5, but the list became longer…I had never had one until a serious illness left me in hospital, in pain and unable to sleep. My lovely husband appeared with a CD walkman and a variety of audio books bought in a panic. I can remember them now. John Grisham’s The King of Torts, Pride and Prejudice and Michael Palin’s Himalaya. He returned the next day with a CD of sleep music and the first Harry Potter. I was hooked. As soon as I could, I downloaded the cds onto iTunes and then onto my iPod. I was an early Audible-adopter. For some reason, a lot of the books I listen to are mainstream and include a lot of YA and crime. Anything fast-moving seems to work for me. Old favorites are the ones I turn to in times of illness or insomnia. It just doesn’t matter if I fall asleep when Katniss is on the train to The Capital for the first time, or whether she’s in the arena climbing trees. But the classics
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