Susan Finlay interviews author Sandra Danby

In her interview about Ignoring Gravity, author and book blogger Susan Finlay asks Sandra Danby: “Do you have a favourite review of your book?” Susan Finlay“I’ve had some fabulous reviews,” says Sandra. “It’s a challenging thing, you know, to send your debut novel out to strangers to read, so I feel very fortunate that Ignoring Gravity has been received so well. I think the review that meant the most was by a reader with personal experience of adoption: “Sandra Danby deals with the emotions surrounding grief, adoption and infertility with a deep understanding of the emotions involved. One of my close family members was adopted and so I could understand Rose’s identity crisis when she discovers she isn’t whom she thought she was. There is a twist at the end which unexpectedly gave me the shivers as I contemplated history repeating itself.”

Susan Finlay

To read the interview in full at ‘Susan Finlay Writes’ [above], click here.
To read more about how Sandra Danby researched adoption for Ignoring Gravity, click here.

Susan Finlay


‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press] Buy now

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