Rose Haldane: not just one book but the first of a series

Ignoring Gravity is the first novel in a series about Rose Haldane ‘Identity Detective’. Rose, a journalist, discovers she was adopted as a tiny baby, and Ignoring Gravity tells the story of her search for her birth family. The story is told from her point of view, so we see the diaries and documents she discovers, we experience her anger, pain and sense of betrayal. Rose HaldaneBut the adoption triangle includes so many more people than just the adoption baby. So in the Rose Haldane series, I will be exploring the story of others involved in adoption.

Rose HaldaneThe second book, Connectedness, focuses on the experience of a birth mother, who gives her baby away. The story rejoins Rose and her sister Lily two years later, but the main focus of the tale is on Justine Tree. Her mother has died and she is bereft, but Justine’s grief is double-edged. When she was an art student in Spain in the 1980s, she became pregnant.  The Yorkshire-born artist, now famous around the world, is desperate to find the secret daughter she gave up for adoption. Justine and Rose meet at an interview about Justine’s latest art collection. The two women connect, so much so that Justine asks Rose to find her daughter, now a young woman. Rose is intrigued and can’t say no. Turning again to her journalistic skills of research, she follows the unreliable trail of Justine’s memories via London, Yorkshire and Spain. Adopted herself, Rose finds herself ideally placed to help other adopted people trace their birth families. Connectedness will be published in late 2017.

Sweet Joy, the third novel in the series will focus on a foundling – a baby found in a bombed building in World War Two. When a strange woman knocks on Rose’s front door, it opens a world of research into The Blitz, abandoned wartime babies, and airmen.

Rose Haldane



‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press] Buy now 

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