Researching the escalator scene

There’s a point in Ignoring Gravity when Rose opens a letter, a letter which knocks her senses into a spin, she opens it when she is standing on an escalator at Westminster underground station in London. As she tries to understand the words on the paper, London commuters rush around her as if she is a pebble battered by a rising tide. This the story of researching that scene.researching“She stumbled off the bottom of the escalator. The heat in the tiled tunnel was overpowering. A woman was walking towards her with a white-wrapped bundle strapped to her chest, and from it a tuft of hair reached for the sky as if styled by static.” researchingresearchingresearching“Rose stopped dead in her tracks and howled inside. It was a scream stored deep inside her all these years.” researchingresearchingresearching“Later she had no memory of either the Jubilee line train or the DLR. She felt as if she’d been spun in a tumble drier. Her mobile got its signal back as the train rose above ground and beeped as it came to life. She took it out of her bag and dialled. There was one person who would be torn by the sight of an infant.” 


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