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4* “I really enjoyed this book. I found out at the age of 60 that my dad was not who I thought he was. All characters in my story are now deceased so I will never have answers. That is why I really connected with Rose’s story and understand her desperation to find the truth. The writing was very good and kept me engaged throughout.” Lisa Garrett @ Net Galley

4* “I must admit I knew nothing of Sandra Danby… but after reading Ignoring Gravity I am so happy to have discovered this talented writer.” Kassidy, USA

4* “A cracker of a story from Sandra Danby about adoption, identity, familial relationships and stability… I loved this story and how it unfolded.” Alva Holland @ Goodreads

4* “This book story grabs you from the start adoption is the theme and the twists are unexpected thoroughly enjoyed it” Debby, UK

“Really great book, Hard to put down, I’m really looking forward to reading the next book (which I’ve already bought)” June, UK

5* “A gentle romance interwoven between the puzzles, mystery and emotion of trying to find where the main character belongs… A thoroughly enjoyable read which encourages me to look out for more stories by this author.” Pam GoldenUK

5* “The emotions… were superbly related. I have friends who were adopted, but knew from a young age, both finding birth families. The emotions expressed are written as my friends describe theirs. I would recommend this for anyone interested in this aspect of family life” Sooz, UK

5* “Ignoring Gravity is a  very enjoyable read from beginning to end. The warm story will tear at your heart strings one moment, and make you smile the next.” Wendy Percival, author of the Esme Quentin series, Blood-Tied, The Indelible Stain and The Malice of Angels

5* “I gave Ignoring Gravity 5 stars out of 5 for being a thought-provoking read on a sensitive and sometimes difficult subject. Knowing who you are and where you came from is important whether you are adopted or not.” Kathryn Svendsen @ Shelf Full of Books

A family drama that remains warm and witty, despite its weighty subject matter.Kirkus Reviews

“Loved this beautiful book about a woman’s quest for the truth of her birth, the truth about her parentage. Sensitively handled, this is a beautifully written book. Loved all the characters especially Rose and Lily and Aunt Bizzie. I can’t wait for the next in the series. Highly recommended.’ Renita D’Silva, author of  ‘The Forgotten Daughter’ and ‘A Sister’s Promise’

Ignoring Gravity is a debut novel from an author who has done her groundwork in the emotions around adoption and identity, and Sandra Danby carves her believable characters with both their fine points and their flaws.” Gwen Wilson, author of I Belong to No One

“If you are keen on stories on adoption, don’t miss this beautifully written book by Sandra Danby. It’s high drama and suspense all the way.” Asha Chowdray @ Chick Lit Club

“All in all a really great read.” Rosie Amber @ Rosie Amber

“This book genuinely surprised me. Reading the first couple of pages I almost put it down but I am really glad I didn’t make that mistake because as it drew me in I found it increasingly difficult to stop reading. I love books about secrets and this was no exception. Solving this puzzle was literally like peeling layers off an onion. A chance discovery of an old diary turns Rose’s world upside down causing her to question her identity and initiate her search for her other family.” Michelle de Haan @ Shellyback Books

“What Danby was able to do was portray flawed characters and raw emotion in a way that as a reader I have become unused to.” Eilidh @

“This is a dramatic story, written in a manner that enables and encourages the reader to empathize with all that Rose is experiencing. The characters are portrayed brilliantly, warts and all, and the discoveries she makes reveal other secrets from the past and will have an impact on all their futures,” says book reviewer Elaine Brent @ Splashes into Books

“It took me a little bit to get into the book, but once I did, I could not put it down. I loved that this book brought some often-difficult issues: infertility, adoption, family relationship, and identity to light. An overall delightful read.” Hope Sloper @ Word Gurgle

“Ms Danby’s narrative evokes a strong exposition about identity and motherhood – how the two are interconnected but also, how a woman’s identity might be codependent upon her beliefs and views on motherhood itself – of what stipulates being a ‘Mum’ by definition and by cause – is it strictly through childbirth or is it the action of being a Mum to a child who needs a family (as through adoption)? How do individual women self-identify their own sense of self whilst cross-referencing their views on womanhood, motherhood and the purpose of their lives? This is partially the juxtaposition Danby explores throughout Ignoring Gravity and I would suspect throughout the entire series overall.” Jorie Loves a Story, USA

“I really enjoyed all of the twists and turns that accompanied the characters in this book. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, and knew who Rose’s parents were, the plot would take a sharp detour. I really felt as though I was with Rose on this journey of self-discovery, and when she finally unravels the secrets that have been decades in the making, I was as shocked as she was.” Sara Steven @ Chick Lit Central

“All in all a really really great debut that definitely makes me want to see what Ms Danby can come up with next. This will appeal to fans of family drama with authentic real life issues and I would highly recommend it.” Liz Wilkins @ Liz Loves Books

“Blending mystery and romance, Ignoring Gravity takes a lighthearted view of some difficult issues such as adoption and identity, family relationships and family dynamics. I enjoyed this book and read it almost in one sitting.” Sandra Antunovic @ Throw Me A Book

“This book deals with a lot of issues: adoption, family bonds, infertility but I wouldn’t say it was an overly heavy or complex read either.  I could see it being an enjoyable, easy weekend read.” Laurie Prentice @ The Baking Bookworm

“The underlying theme throughout Ignoring Gravity is relationships – either family relationships or romantic relationships – and I thought the author’s writing was strong and sensitively done. The adoption is of course the main theme here and I was fascinated with learning more about Rose’s real parents, why she was adopted and how her upbringing was affected. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to find out your family isn’t actually your real family after all – though I do know I’d be a complete emotional wreck – and so I loved how, instead of it all being tears and drama, Rose quickly started using her journalistic ability to her strength and began investigating, to discover who she really was. With each secret uncovered, I was gripped and intrigued to learn more.” Sophie Hedley @ Reviewed the Book

“I devoured the book in one go, unable to put it down despite the tirade of emotions it brought to the surface.”

“This is an extremely emotional book that kept me reading till the end.  The author deals with adoption and infertility in a very realistic way, with strong characters and good writing. This is the type of book I could read again and again.” Jessica @ The Modest Verge

“I absolutely loved this book. I am usually very wary about reading books by new authors, especially ones which I haven’t read any reviews on previously, however I was pleasantly surprised with Sandra’s book. From the very first page I was hooked. It started off exactly how you would expect it to – calm and simple – however, as the story unfolds we are introduced to a series of constant enigmas.” Jenny @

“The remarkable first book of an intriguing series.” Karen Oberlaender @ My Train of Thoughts

“As someone who was adopted in the same year as the protagonist of this book and been through the process of unravelling the mystery, there were many moments in the book that provoked familiar memories, although naturally everyone’s experience is different. It is certainly a book that will invite reflection and discussion, as it is a fascinating and often times controversial subject within our society and within other cultures and how they perceive it.” Claire McAlpine @ Word for Word

“A wonderful page tuner. I was rooting for Rose through the whole book.” Isabell Homfeld @ Dreaming With Open Eyes

“A must-read this winter.” Aman Deep Mittal @ Confessions of a Readaholic

“I love that it’s about so many things, not just love and family but deep relationships, hurt that has been going on for years, secret adoptions, betrayal and so much more. It unravelled nicely and kept at a really enjoyable steady pace. Sandra Danby is an exceptional writer and I’d definitely like to read more of her work.” Suzy Turner @ Fiction Dreams

“I loved Rose’s desperation to find out more.” Cleo Bannister @ Cleopatra Loves Books

“Drama? Check. Suspense? Check. Romance? Check. Will-they-won’t-they? Check. Great twists? Check, check, check! I am pleased to say this story has them all and then some.” Kerry Burnett @ Kerry’s Reviews Blog

“Did I like Ignoring Gravity?  I loved it!  I recommend it to everyone who enjoys an excellent book.” Michelle Clements James @ Book Chat

“This is the perfect summer read; I read this sprawled in the garden, under the sun. It really is the perfect mix of drama, family, love, discovery and friendship.” Lizzy Baldwin @ My Little Book Blog

Ignoring Gravity is just the book to take with you to the beach this summer. It has everything you need: romance, family drama, humor – and some moments guaranteed to make you tearful.” Kate Loveton @ Odyssey of a Novice Writer

“There is a twist at the end which unexpectedly gave me the shivers as I contemplated history repeating itself. A well written book with a story which will keep you turning the pages. Thoroughly recommended.” Ali @ A Woman’s Wisdom

“From the very first page this is an intriguing story.” Corri van der Stege @ 51 Stories

“It’s a fascinating and intriguing tale of family, love, loyalty and new beginnings and pulled me in from the start. There’s a thread of romance running through which doesn’t overshadow the main story of Rose’s search for her true identity.” Cathy Ryan @ Between the Lines

“I wish that could tell you more but I can’t. I could tell you, just … there are many things that this book keeps as secret… that will be revealed [at] the end.” Silvana @ Books Are My Life

“What really sets this novel apart is the author’s descriptive skill. By tackling the ever popular themes of adoption and infertility, Sandra Danby’s Ignoring Gravity is mining a rich vein in women’s fiction and is bound to appeal. But her take on these painful subjects is somewhat original and her story has an unexpected twist in the tail.” Jane Cable, author of The Cheesemaker’s House

“This contemporary tale of sisterhood and identity is immediately engrossing. Sandra Danby writes with great empathy and wit.”  Shelley Weiner, author of The Audacious Mendacity of Lily Green

“So much mystery and I haven’t even read from the beginning! Will be doing so on the weekend. Loved the way you described Phyllie’s cup of tea as “poured with a slight wobble and spill” – I immediately saw it so vividly!”

“Sneaked time off from packing to read this. Totally absorbing… want to know what happens next but also need to go back to the beginning. Packing can wait!” Sheila Williams, Write on the Beach

“Just finished Ignoring Gravity. Loved it, and cried at page 421!” Nicky Stephen

“She’s hardly able to tear herself away from Ignoring Gravity to make meals or wash dishes – thought you’d like to know that!” Fiction Feedback

“Very powerful beginning! It says what needs to be said but is terse, dramatic, and to the point. Raises lots of questions, opens many doors, makes me want to turn the page.” Sharon Bonin-Pratt, Ink Flare

“I’m hooked.” Michelle Clements James, Book Chat

“I was enthralled, reading this, getting a sense of how Rose must have felt – so many strands to weave together.” EllaDee Words, Australia

“I am so enjoying this series.” Cleopatra Loves Books

“It’s an intriguing story.” Cindy Bruchman, Arizona, USA

One of the first items on my agenda of return to the real world was to catch up with Rose. And, I’ve not been disappointed.” EllaDee Words, Australia

“It is very, very beautifully written. Sisters or I should say siblings! eh?” Sharmishtha Basu, Wing of Dreams

“Very well done. You captured their emotions.” Margit Sage,, USA

“Great opening to your book Sandra – a powerful opening in extract one and I’m very intrigued at how the strands will fit together and where they’ll take us.” Andrea Stephenson, Harvesting Hecate

“A great beginning.” Nia Simone,, USA

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‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press]

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