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To find out what the book is about, click here to watch the trailer.
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Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby[1]


‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press]

Buy the e-book or paperback of Ignoring Gravity now, at Amazon UK and Amazon US.


  1. I loved your book, Sandra.I started it at Malaga airport waiting for my flight, during my flight to UK and then was annoyed to be landing and having to switch my kindle off! I am now waiting for the next one. I love the character of Rose. 🙂

    • sandradan1

      Thanks Wendy, so pleased you enjoyed it. Did you know you don’t have to turn your Kindle off now on the plane at all? You can read it all the time – inc take-off and landing – as long as the wi-fi is turned off. Great, no double-carrying of book and Kindle on a plane! SD