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Ezekiel Boone
The Hatching, plus two sequels, by US author Ezekiel Boone, will be published in the UK by Gollancz. The Hatching, described as a “fun as hell” thriller, is about a desperate fight against a long-dormant, ancient species that hatches from an unusual egg following a nuclear bomb drop. Comparisons have been made to Crichton’s Jurassic Park and Max Brooks’s World War Z. TV and film rights have been signed by Lionsgate on behalf of Joel Silver, who produced The Matrix and Die Hardnew booksBoone promised the book was “fun as hell and just scary enough to make you afraid to put it down.” Due to be published in July 2016, this [above] is the US cover design.

For more about Ezekiel Boone, here’s his website.

Jussi Valtonen
They Know Not What They Do by Finnish writer Jussi Valtonen [below] will be published in September 2016 in the UK by Oneworld. This is Valtonen’s third novel, but the first to be translated into English.

new books


The Know Not What They Do is a “sweeping literary thriller, offering a complex, multi-layered story of family conflict and the search for identity.” The story, set in Finland and the US, opens with an attack on a US neuroscience research lab by animal rights activists. One of the attackers may be the estranged son of one of the scientists.

It won the 2014 Finlandia Prize, Finland’s most prestigious literary award worth €30,000. In the same year it was also the biggest selling title in Finland, selling more than 100,000 hardback copies.

Thomas Rydahl
Debut novel The Hermit by Danish author Thomas Rydahl [below] will be published in the UK by Oneworld in October 2016.

new books


The Hermit has won both the Danish Debutants Award and the Harald Mogensen Prize for the Best Danish Crime Novel of 2014. A reclusive 70-year old protagonist investigates the mysterious death of a young boy in the Canary Islands. But the crime is bigger than the murder of a three-month old baby, a crime which takes the hermit beyond the small Atlantic island.

The Hermit was the number one novel at WH Smith’s Travel Copenhagen airport and topped the 2015 crime bestseller list in Denmark.

Visit Thomas Rydahl’s website here.

Kaite Welsh
Headline Review has acquired a feminist Victorian crime series by journalist Kaite Welsh about a trailblazing female doctor-turned-detective. The first of three novels, The Wages of Sin, will be published in spring 2017

The series features Sarah Gilchrist, an English medical student at the University of Edinburgh’s medical school in 1882, the first year it admits women. After a patient turns up in the university dissecting room as a battered corpse, Gilchrist follows the trail into Edinburgh’s underworld of bribery, brothels and body snatchers.

Welsh explained: “The idea first came to me when I was studying at Edinburgh and having lectures in the old medical buildings. Seeing a plaque to Sophia Jex-Blake, one of the first women to study medicine there, made me want to learn more about these courageous, trailblazing women.”

For more about Kaite Welsh’s books, click here.

Joseph Knox
Joseph Knox , the pen name of Waterstones crime buyer Joseph Knobbs, is to publish a debut series of crime novels in the UK with Transworld. Set in a sprawling, twilight northern city, the first title Sirens introduces Aidan Waits, a disgraced young detective, caught stealing drugs from evidence and subsequently blackmailed into going undercover. When an MP’s daughter runs away from home, Waits is sent to track her down. He is drawn into a world of politicians, police and drug lords towards “a truth he doesn’t want to know”. Sirens, will be released in Spring 2017.

Knox said: “Sirens is a secret I’ve been keeping for years, writing around bar jobs and bookselling, and it’s a relief now that the word’s out. The novel grew out of nightwalking around Manchester and seeing a whole other side to the city.”

David Whitehouse
In the Box at the Bottom of the Sea, the third novel by David Whitehouse [below], will be published in the UK by Picador in March 2017. Another ambitious novel, it tells the story of a young man in London flooded by recollections that don’t belong to him. They actually belong to a rare flower collector from 1980s New York, after a black box flight recorder of a plane missing for 30 years is found at the bottom of the sea. A novel about fatherhood, memory and rare flowers, it is described as “a search for meaning that goes around the world and through the soul”.

new books

[photo: James Leighton Burns]

For more about Whitehouse’s books, click here for his website.
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