New books coming soon

Bloomsbury will publish River of Ink, the debut novel by PAUL COOPER [below], about a poet to the King in 13th century Sri Lanka, who tries to use poetic words to unite two warring factions.
Due: summer 2015.



The latest author to join the Hogarth Shakespeare series, re-telling Shakespeare, is TRACY CHEVALIER. Chevalier, who will re-tell Othello, joins Jeanette Winterson [The Winter’s Tale], Margaret Atwood [The Tempest], Howard Jacobson [The Merchant of Venice], Anne Tyler [The Taming of the Shrew] and Jo Nesbo [Macbeth].
Due: 2016

The Buried Giant is the new novel about lost memories, love, revenge and war, by KAZUO ISHIGURO. To be published in the UK by Faber.
Click here for an interview in The Guardian with Ishiguro about The Buried Giant.
Due: March 2015.

Amnesia by PETER CAREY, to be published in the UK by Faber, is about a computer virus that opens prison cells in the USA and Australia.
Click here for an interview in The Guardian with Carey about Amnesia.
Due: November 6, 2014amnesia by peter carey 25-8-14

The Dressmaker of Dachau, by university professor MARY CHAMBERLAIN, is to be published in the UK by The Borough Press. Set in the Second World War era, this is Chamberlain’s first novel. She has previously written popular history and academic titles.
Due: to be confirmed.

KEN FOLLETT’s sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, is to be published in the UK by Pan Macmillan. It is part of a three-book deal, the sequel will be set in the world of Tudor espionage in Kingsbridge, the other two novels are described as ‘sweeping historical epics.’ the pillars of the earth by ken follett 25-8-14Click here for Ken Follett’s website.
Due: 2017

SABAA TAHIR’s debut novel An Ember in the Ashes is set in a fantastical world with echoes of ancient Rome, the book follows two young people fighting to be free of their empire’s brutal regime. It will be published in the UK by HarperVoyager.



Tahir’s inspiration came from her experiences as an editor on the foreign desk and as a child growing up in the Mojave Desert. Film rights have been sold to Paramount.
Click here for Sabaa Tahir’s website.
Due: to be confirmed.

Church of Marvels is the debut novel by American writer LESLIE PARRY. To be published in the UK by Two Roads, Church of Marvels is set in 1899 New York. It tells the stories of sisters Odile and Belle, raised in sideshow act The Church of Marvels; Sylvan Threadgill, who cleans the privies behind the tenement houses and one night discovers an abandoned newborn baby; and two inmates of Blackwell’s Lunatic Asylum.
Click here for Leslie Parry’s website.
Due: to be confirmed.

Head of Zeus will publish Orkney Twilight by debut novelist CLARE CARSON. Orkney Twilight is the story of a daughter determined to discover the truth about her father, an undercover policeman, and is set on the Scottish island of Orkney.
Due: December 2014 [e-book], January 2015 [hardback].